a time of the day or year when traffic, use, dem&, etc., is greakiểm tra và charges, fares, or the lượt thích are at the maximum: Early evening is the peak on commuter railroads.

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the higher fare, charges, etc., during such a period: If you fly during the Christmas holidays, you'll have to lớn pay peak.
Physics. the maximum value of a quantity during a specified time interval: a voltage peak. the maximum power consumed or produced by a unit or group of units in a stated period of time.
Nautical. the contracted part of a ship's hull at the bow or the stern. the upper after corner of a sail that is extended by a gaff. the outer extremity of a gaff.
Nautical. to lớn raise the after over of (a yard, gaff, etc.) to or toward an angle above sầu the horizontal.
Also on-peak . being at the point of maximum frequency, intensity, use, etc.; busiest or most active: Hotel rooms are most expensive during the peak travel seasons.
constituting the highest or maximum level, volume, etc.; optimal; prime: a machine running at peak performance.
The Oxford comma vexes many a writer (to use or not lớn use!). Whether you're a tín đồ of the Oxford comma or not, take this quiz khổng lồ see how good you are at using it (and commas in general) correctly.

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The word peak refers khổng lồ the top of a mountain or, more figuratively, lớn the highest point of something, as in the peak of my career. The word peek is most commonly used as a verb meaning to lớn look at something quickly or sneakily and as a noun referring to lớn such a look. The less frequently used word pique is most commonly used as a verb meaning lớn arouse or excite a particular feeling, as in Advertisements are designed khổng lồ pique your interest.

The confusion surrounding the three words—all three of which can be used as both a verb & a noun—is mainly due lớn the fact that they are all pronounced the same.

Since peakpeek are so cthua thảm in spelling, one way khổng lồ tell them apart is khổng lồ remember that peek has two e’s, which kind of look like two little eyes peeking out between the p and the k. Another way lớn remember this is that peek has two e’s like look has two o’s.

To rethành viên what pique means (& how to lớn spell it), rethành viên that the things that pique your interest or curiosity are often chất lượng.

Here’s an example of peak, peek, and pique used correctly in a sentence.

Example: The image of the strange mountain peak on the cover was meant lớn pique your curiosity, and it worked—you picked up the magazine lớn peek inside.

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Want to learn more? Read the breakdown of the difference between peaked, peeked, and piqued.

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